Aiko: simple barebones humanoid fighting robot

Aiko is a 3d printed simple humanoid fighting robot that can have augmentations added upon it at the users expense. These augmentations are accessible through the 2.2 mm screws that can be added through the multiple 2.2 mm holes 



Blocko: Lego Based Customizable 3d Printed Robot

Blocko is a 3d printed humanoid robot that's designed to be interfaced with both the Arduino platform and Building bricks platform; one being digital, and one being physical. At it's core Blocko is meant to show off and teach servo rotation. This comes in the forum of Blocko having multiple 0.15 cm extruded circles that are meant to have building blocks inserted on them. This allows for a more accessible and less scary introduction into the world of robotics especially for children 


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Irin is a mini traversal robot who's forum factor is based off of the 2015 Ubisoft video game Rainbow Six Siege's drone. Irin's small forum factor allows it to travel in smaller spaces than more common robots with faster movement as well. In addition to that the added oled panel allows for a visual interface in the forum of everything from words to facial expressions.