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Aiko is a fully customizable 3d printed robot. The design is based off of Kendo uniforms and it’s shield and weaponry are symbolic of Gundams and the like.

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What is Aiko?

  • A simple customizable plastic robot that can have multiple augmentations added upon it at the users expense

  • At its heart it's a simple barebones humanoid fighting robot

  • This is done by Aiko having multiple 2.2 mm holes in which various objects can be screwed onto 

  • Aiko comes with 25 18-8 Stainless Steel M2.2 Size, 9.5 mm long screws   

  • AIko comes with two 90 degree rotational servos that control the arm movement; these can be interfaced with most if not all common microcontrollers i.e Rasberry Pi, Arduino, etc.