Aiko アイコ

Customizable humanoid fighting robot 

Imagine. Design. Inspire.  


What is Aiko?

  • A simple humanoid robot with the ability to add or remove items via screws.


There are two 90 degree servo motors located near Aiko's shoulder region are used to move both the sword and shield.

What Makes aiko?

Full build’s contents:

  • Main Aiko Robot

  • Two 90 degree servos

  • 12 augmentations

  • 1 Shield

  • 1 Sword

  • 1 Lance

  • 25 2.2 mm Screws

The Story of Aiko

Aiko was envisioned by two guys with a love for one simple thing, robots.  

During the summer of 2017 two guys met up and became instant friends, Devendra who was proficient in CAD design and engineering, and Rento, an impeccable artist.  

One of Rento's favorite sports is Kendo, a traditional Japanese martial art based on the idea of swordsmanship. Witnessing this, Devendra immediately took out a napkin and began to draw the first models of Aiko. With Rento's personal experience in swordfighting and Devendra's experience in CAD and Robotics they knew that they had an idea that they had to share with the world.

Rento and Devendra



If you would like to download any of the cad files in order to print or modify for whatever purpose, regardless if commercial, please download the STL files below.